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Weddings Saved my life. Literally.

From the time I was...

...A broke university student, to the time I was diagnosed with the big C and given months to live, even when my own marriage failed...Weddings saved my life. The Love that connects us all is what fuels my purpose in this crazy world.

How did weddings save my life? I'm a wedding planner. I happen to be really freakin' good at it. Even when I'm knee-deep in a torrential downpour while setting up an outdoor wedding, elbows-deep in a bride's dress solving a red wine stain debacle, or managing every little detail in some far-flung locale... I've got this handled.

Because that's life, people. And weddings, life life, never go as planned. Shit happens a lot. But, it's all in how you handle it.

With over 15 years in the industry, hundreds of weddings planned all over the world, and more lives than a cat, I'm here to share my story in the hopes that it inspires you in some way to show up in your life, get out of your own way, and love.

Cheers to changing the world, one marriage at a time...

Love, Crystal

Crystal bridges the gap between being an 'entrepreneur' and a 'human'. Ask any business owner, they are not always the same thing and the line is often blurred. Building a business alongside living a fulfilling life is what I admire most about Crystal. She rolls with the punches. She makes the best of every situation with her humorous sarcasm and powerhouse resilience. This book is a testimonial of how Crystal has taken her passion for weddings and built a prosperous business and beautiful life on the notion of 'love conquers all'. It hasn't always been pretty, but she has always come out on top.

- Paras Mehta, Paras Events

Crystal will light up your life with this quick-witted tale of her journey as a legendary wedding planner. As she works to perfect memories for her many clients all over the world (and life to tell the tale), in this book she also shares her own life challenges as a down to earth girl trying to build a life she loves. Ultimately, just learning how to perfect her own memories. Not only will she make you laugh, she will make you fall in love with her stories of weddings, travel, courage and love. This is a fun and inspiring read - one to add to your book list for 2016!

- Marnie Kay, founder & ceo meraki house publishing

Whether you are soon to be married, desperately waiting for the day you get engaged or simply love weddings for no specific reason... you need to read this book! Crystal brings to life the no-so-glamerous side of weddings with such fantastic humour and authenticity that you'll feel as if you are right there with her. So grab a glass of bubbly (or scotch), your coziest of blankets and dive into the hilarious chaos that is wedding planning

- Katrina Scarlett, Wedding Coach

I seriously LOVE this book. It's a true breath of fresh air! A little autobiography, a little humour and a huge side of true honesty. As planners we struggle with life like everyone else, but we are not often allowed to show it's wear on us. Crystal gives us a little window on how she takes any challenge life brings her and makes it fuel for her passion. The breath of fresh air is that even though we produce sunshine and rainbows, our lives have some dark clouds. It is the perfect easy read as well, with well thought out bullets you can go back to and even use as the "Coles Notes" version of important points... (Or incredible laughs) Let's face it, if you are a wedding planner, you don't have time. This book was the perfect cuddle up for the weekend read to leave you laughing, crying and loving Wedding Planner Problems even more by the second!

- Jaime Valdes-riench. Travel & Events with style

Meet the author

Crystal Adair-Benning is a Legendary (even if only to herself and clients) Wedding Planner with over 15 years experience with her global company, Distinct Occasions.

She has happily travelled the world planning weddings with hundreds of couples in love seeking unique and wonderful ways to marry. She also owns The Engagement Planner for hopeless romantics (or just hopeless) people looking to pop the question in meaningful ways.

A wedding industry mentor with Wedding Maven Mentoring, Crystal teaches up-and-coming wedding planners how to take their planning and business to the next level.

Crystal is also a creative writer for the wedding and travel industry having her work appear in books (as a ghost writer), blogs, websites, and creative diatribes across the web. She currently finds herself in Ontario with a cuddle-pup named Rhys and, who she hopes will be her future husband, Hugh.

True love. It's out there, people.

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